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Our Mission

The name Pensione21 means “pension” (in the sense of “retirement”), using 21st century’s technologies.

The aim of the site www.pensione21.org is to help people to prepare themselves better to the future, through an adequate planning that leads a person to reach retirement age enjoying a financial situation befitting the one of the active life.

The icon of Pensione21 is a Shark Fin. This is because the typical graphic of the balance of a savings account looks like a Shark Fin. The pension plan has a savings period when balance increases, followed by a withdraw period when the balance decreases. This balance achieves its maximum at the moment of retirement.

There are many sites with similar aims that offer simulators that produce a single numeric output from a given set of parameters. The difference of the site pensione21 is that the organization of the financial simulators is done in tabular form, thus allowing immediate comparison of several situations. Moreover, the site calculates the set of values month to month of the complete financial plan, showing the result in graphical form as well as in tabular form.

The simulators offer a set of possibilities of yield for the financial investments, with pre-defined interest rate values of 0% to 6% - allowing to choose custom values for the yield - and getting the result immediately.

The set of simulators allows to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the value of the monthly contribution needed to achieve a given complementary retirement monthly income (Simulator 1)?
  2. What is the value of the complementary retirement monthly income one receives for a given value of monthly contribution (Simulator 2)?
  3. What is the accumulated capital after a period of monthly contributions (Simulator 3)?
  4. What is the required capital to provide a given complementary retirement monthly income (Simulator 4)?
  5. What is the complementary retirement monthly income one receives for a given value of initial capital (Simulator 5)?
  6. What is the trajectory of the balance of the accumulated capital, by age, of a given pension plan (Simulator 6)?


About us


Fabio Giambiagi

  • Economist at BNDES since 1984
  • Chief of Department of Risks of Market of BNDES
  • Expert in Social Security and Public Finances
  • Ex-member of staff of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington
  • Ex-assistant of Planning Ministry in Brasília
  • Ex-researcher of IPEA
  • Ex-professor of UFRJ and of PUC/RJ
  • Columnist of newspapers Valor Econômico and O Globo
  • Author, co-author or co-organizer of more than 25 books about Brazilian Economy, being 4 referring about Social Security



Sergio Barbosa Villas-Boas

  • Associate Professor of Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of POLI-UFRJ since 1991
  • Ph.D. in Control Engineering by Chiba University (Japan) in 1998
  • Currently researching themes including Big Data, Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Collaborator of Department of Computer and Information Engineering and Control and Automation Engineering of POLI-UFRJ
  • Collaborator of Department of Systems Engineering and Computer Science, Graduate School of Engineering, PESC-COPPE-UFRJ
  • Consultant and former investor in private firms on information technology
  • Personal web page www.sbvb.com.br
  • Blog about Big Data bigdatasbvb.blogspot.com.br


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